Reliability and the highest service since 1994. We care about healthy climates on ships.

Get to know us

It is the early 1990s. Ed Piguillet looks around the ship. He is not amused. Everywhere he turns he sees air conditioning ducts that have been removed from the ceiling, cleaned or and screwed back on. It is an expensive, time-consuming process. Besides this he also noticed incomplete systems and operational failures of the HVAC. Ed Piguillet shakes his head. Though his daily motto is “Quality always wins”, he is observing processes that has nothing to do with QSHE standards, (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment).

Rather than becoming disillusioned that day, he becomes motivated. Inspired even, to do better. There, on that ship, the first contours of his master plan are starting to take shape. There it began, a new company was born.

Our Services


The comfort on a ship is related to numerous (emotional) elements. One of the most important is the climate.


We offer you a wide range of new air-conditioning possibilities. Split or multi-split, or even larger.


With the retrofit concept we replace existing systems, wherever they are, with the most efficient technology.

Airduct Cleaning

A healthy living and work area’s on board of your vessel is essential to get the best performance of your crew.

Air Balancing

Testing, adjusting, and balancing is very important for achieving a correct HVAC operation.

Our Products

Years of experience in cleaning and disinfecting resulted in the development of high end chemical products.

Our Values

Years of Experience

Since 1994 a no-nonsense company.

Your safety, our responsibility

Our family company with his roots in shipping cares about your safety and healthy environment instead of your money.

Flexible, fast service

24/7 response service, PMS-HVAC is fast and acts fast.