Airduct cleaning

A healthy living and work area’s on board of your vessel is essential to get the best and safest performance of your crew. To get to this stage first a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the air handling unit is required. Whereafter a professional internal cleaning of the air ducts is necessary. PMS-HVAC, the inventors of the HPV-System, can perform this for you worldwide. This specific system is based on vacuum and high pressure cleaning system.


  • No complete dismantling of your airducts,
  • No disruption of your daily routine on board
  • Highest standard of cleanliness
  • One step disinfection

Galley and laundry ducts:

Where cooking is done, grease can accumulate in the ductwork faster than anywhere else. Grease accumulation is undesirable. The air quality can suffer but more importantly: grease can pose a fire hazard. This also applies for laundry ducts, where (remains of) textile lint create an increased risk of fire. In short, it is important to clean your laundry and Galley grease ducts on a regular basis. Grease duct cleaning is a specialized area where PMS-HVAC can be of service. Cleaning will result in an “Certificate of cleanliness”.