Our Products

During the years we’ve been taken care of your HVAC-installation, we have developed our own line of products to do the best job we can. We consider these products, which are specially developed, from our perspectives to be the best there are.

Why keep these product only for ourselves you ask? Everybody needs to be able to use ‘the best’!

Therefore we are proud to announce that our products are as of now also available for YOU!!!

Gives us a call or email us and find where our products can help you.

PMS – 1201 – Stainless Steel Brightener

A specially developed liquid for protecting metal surfaces and objects from rust and other pollutions. The cleaning qualities ensure a clean and shiny look. Also ideal for the high gloss treatment of stainless steel objects. Does not contain silicones.

PMS – 1202 – Stainless Steel Paste

Strong professional cleaning paste that, thanks to its special formula, cleans thoroughly without leaving any scratches. Ideal for glass, plastics, porcelain, ceramics, chrome, stainless steel and coated surfaces. Removes mineral deposits, rust, lime, silicones and organic stains. Safe for the food industry.

PMS – 1401 – Z – Descaler

Excellent sanitary renewer. Removes lime, rust, skin grease and urine scale. The product leaves a fresh almond scent.

PMS – 1504 – Paint Stripper

Special liquid product for plasticizing and dissolving residues, many kinds of latex and similar raw materials, products and semi-finished products. Contrary to most other products for this application, this product does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.

PMS – 1505 – Fiber Seal

PMS – 1706 – D – Deodorization

Professional cleaning product and deodorizer. Excellent for the removal of odours and smells which remain after fire damage, but also suitable for cleaning and deodorising stairways, cellars, sanitary installations etc.

PMS – 1707 – S – Deodorization

Special composed stench destroyer. The micro emulsion quickly destroys the smell and rapidly emits a pleasant and distinct smell that, depending on the concentration, lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Ideal for airand fat ducts.

PMS – 1708 – A – Deodorization

Specially developed smell diffusion product with apple pie scent.

PMS – 1803 – Alkaline Cleaner

Concentrated liquid cleaner for industrial applications. Ideal for cleaning and degreasing of parts and surfaces polluted with oils and fats. Thanks to the breaking of the surface tension pollutions are loosened and can easily be rinsed off. The product gives no stable emulsions, is fast separating, and does not cause disturbances in the oil/water separators. To be treated with all kinds of auxiliaries.

PMS – ESP – 1807 – Degreaser

Very high concentrated, lightly foaming, alkaline cleaner for cleaning polluted grease duct systems and for removing all common pollution in the general industry as well as in the food industry. Saponifies and removes effortlessly pollution based on vegetal and animal fats and oils, protein etc. Ideal for the cleaning of production lines, smoking chambers, ovens, and baking trays, as well as for tank cleaning (e.g. using butter wash systems). Special qualities prevent blockage as a result of lime scale. Composed of the purest raw materials.

PMS – ESP – 1807 – S – Degreaser Strong

Concentrated, high foaming, very strong alkaline product for cleaning very heavily polluted grease ducts, and for removing the most common pollutions in the food industry. Ideal for cleaning smoking chambers, workbenches, ovens, baking trays and other equipment and auxiliaries. Very suitable as well for cleaning vertical surfaces by means of foam lances. Effortlessly removes pollution based on vegetal and animal fats and oils, and protein. If correctly applied the product is safe for almost all surfaces, except for soft metals, that require a limited contact time.

PMS – SP Sanodes

Combined low foaming alkaline cleaner and disinfectant. Suitable for the foodindustry, especially for slaughterhouses, meet- and fish processing industry, dairy industry, the food- and drinks industry, breweries as well as restaurant kitchens, saunas etc. Also ideal for cleaning boots and soles for hygiëne locks. The strong surface tension lowering qualities enhance the disinfecting effect. Thanks to special stabilisers the waterhardness does not affect the effectiveness of the product. We recommend to follow the legal instructions on the label.